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Exclusive Design

Luxury Minimalism Style

Gresso’s iconic Luxury Minimalism style seeks harmony of both form and function. The lack of spare parts, elegant style and advanced engineering result in unparalleled design. We innovatively combine the newest technology with luxury materials for collections that radiate refined taste and sophistication.

Design Development

When creating a new collection, our designers are inspired by Gresso’s five core principles: high-tech engineering; premium materials; unmatched craftsmanship; limited edition collections; and an iconic Luxury Minimalism style. This philosophy ensures that the entire design process, from conception to the final construction, is infused with a commitment to offering our customers an elevated luxury experience.


All of Gresso’s collections are crafted from grade-5 titanium, which is recognized for its unique protection properties and lightness, and is widely used in the aerospace industry and in high-end sport cars. Our one-of-a-kind titanium machining and milling process can take up to 5 hours to complete for each phone.


Gold is the ultimate expression of luxury. Gresso collections are accented with an 18k yellow or white gold logo, radiating exquisite elegance and sophistication.


Each case is unique and handcrafted. An individual serial number is engraved on each product, which you can select from the limited edition release when finalizing your purchase.