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About Gresso

About Gresso Company

Gresso is an industry leader in the high-tech engineering and design of luxury smartphones and accessories. Launching our first collection in 2007 and trademarked in Switzerland, the Gresso Company has almost 10 years of unparalleled excellence in the premium technology market. We offer an elevated luxury experience to individuals seeking both prestige and exclusivity in every aspect of their lives, including mobile technology.

Gresso has built its reputation on an uncompromising commitment to innovatively fusing luxury materials with the latest technology. Our collections demonstrate five core principles to our brand: high-tech engineering; premium materials; unmatched craftsmanship; limited edition collections; and an iconic Luxury Minimalism style.

Every Gresso phone is unique and handcrafted. An individual serial number is engraved on each Gresso product, and every collection is a limited edition release. The elite status of our phones and accessories has received worldwide recognition.

Gresso Smartphones

The Hamilton and Boston Collections run the latest operating systems available, including iOS for iPhone Xs | Xs Max and Android 9.0. Gresso phones are a harmonious combination of luxurious materials, superior craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. The juxtaposition of exotic crocodile skin and sleek titanium creates a phone that is a veritable work of art. Only 999 of each model are manufactured, making them an exceptionally rare and extremely precious luxury item that is perfect for anyone who puts impeccable style on par with advanced operating systems.

Gresso Feature Phones

Epitomizing Gresso’s commitment to unsurpassed luxury, the Meridian demonstrates impeccable style and exquisite design. Each phone is accented with an 18k yellow or white gold logo on the front panel and is created in the unique Gresso Luxury Minimalism style, which fuses elegant design and superior craftsmanship. To achieve this ultra-slim style, each phone is made from a single titanium plate in a process that can take up to five hours. The Meridian is a feature phone with dual-SIM technology, allowing you to share personal and business contacts on the same device.

Gresso Titanium Case

Gresso’s iPhone XS Titanium Case is meticulously designed for secure protection and an elevated luxury experience. The case is impressively engineered with Gresso’s patented magnetic lock system, and the back panel is made from a single plate of grade-5 titanium, which increases the phone’s durability and protects the integrity and strength of the metal. The edges of the phone are also shielded by the titanium frame, giving your iPhone XS the highest level of protection. The back panel is accented with 18k yellow or white gold for unparalleled luxury.

iPhone XS by Gresso

The Gresso iPhone XS collection provides Apple enthusiasts an upgraded luxury experience by strengthening the standard iPhone aluminum body with titanium plating. Grade-5 titanium is recognized for its unique protection properties and lightness, and is widely used in the aerospace industry and in high-end sport cars. Gresso’s iPhone XS collection’s iconic style is enhanced by an 18k gold or titanium insert on the back panel, which is engraved with the smartphone’s individual number. Our elite Diva collection is also exquisitely designed with inlaid white diamonds and tasteful engraving.